HV 7.5kw-37kw

HV 7.5kw-37kw

◆ The essence of permanent magnet high efficiency frequency conversion is to control the rotation of motor space magnetic field.

◆ The stator windings generate a rotating magnetic field synchronized with the frequency of the power supply through a three-phase alternating current.

◆ The basic composition of permanent magnet synchronous motor: stator winding, rotor, body.

◆ The rotor is a permanent magnet made of permanent magnetic material that begins to spin under the action of a rotating magnetic field generated by the stator windings.


Product Details


◆ Energy-saving permanent magnet synchronous motor with high efficiency and energy saving is adopted.In view of the wide adjustment range of permanent magnet frequency conversion, new profile and exhaust port structure are applied to bring lower pressure drop and higher energy efficiency.

◆ The use of cost-effective frequency converter, vector frequency conversion technology, the permanent magnet frequency conversion screw machine has small impact force, stable air supply pressure, can adapt to the power grid voltage, because of which greatly reduce the failure rate of equipment.

◆ Intelligent and efficient intelligent control system can continuously and accurately monitor the operation of air compressor,and real-time feedback information, but also to achieve multiple host linkage and remote control.

◆ Longer life advanced air valve design, intake adjustment range of 0-100%, regulating valve adjustment, small pressure loss, stable action,longer life.

◆ Large capacity and large capacity oil separator, superior quality oil separation original gas, liquid filter elements, with advanced three oil and gas separation, oil content control is more flexible, to ensure the high quality of compressed air.

Air Flow/
Working Pressure
Compressed seriesSingle Stage
The environment temperature﹣5℃-+45℃
Cooling wayAir cooling
Drive wayDirict Drive
Power supplyV/PH/HZ380V/50HZ,220V/60HZ,415V,Custom Voltage
Rate of workKW7.5111518.5223037
Starting wayY-▲start
Outlet pipe diameterimch/mm1/2″3/4″1″1 1/2″

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