HD 45kw-160kw

HD 45kw-160kw


◆ Screw host

The world's first linear rotor to achieve volume maximum rate, high rotor strength, up to exhaust to the world's advanced level and durability is ensuring that it is being raised it can be used permanently.


Product Details

Plate-wing cooler

High effect-effect fin-type large heat transfer area cold However, the heat transfer surplus is 30%. Cooling is better, and it can be found in the ring Normal work at 45℃temperature do it.


High efficiency air filter

High effect filter, large filter area, The pressure drop is small, and these service life is as high as 4000h.Oil filter: first used High-efficiency oil filter,ultra-low Pressure-relief design with a service life of up to4000h for effective lubrication protection Bearings and yin-yang rotors.


Energy-saving integrated air intake valve system

Electric solenoid valve, discharge valve, air replenishment valve height set; special structural design to make air intake: The valve start load is greatly reduced; it has stop function,work in emergency downtime in a condition, there will be no fuel injection; it has unloading.The replenishment function can effectively eliminate the main air corrosion noise caused by the compressor.


Convenient and reliable pipeline docking

All pipelines in the machine are connected.It is sealed with a silicone fluoride rubber ring.It has ultra-high oil and pressure resistance.Performance, easy to remove the connectors in service.


Air Flow/
Working Pressure
Compressed seriesSingle Stage
The environment temperature﹣5℃-+45℃
Cooling wayAir cooling
Drive wayDirict Drive
Power supplyD/PH/HZ380V/50HZ,220V/50HZ,220V/60HZ,415V,Custom Voltage
Rate of workKW45557590110132160
Starting wayY-▲start
Outlet pipe diameterimch/mm1 1/2″2″2″2-1/2″DN80


◆ Convenient installation and maintenance, oil pollution resistance and corrosion resistance.

◆ Compact structure and high transmission efficiency can effectively improve the efficiency of the air compressor and save energy.

◆ Reliable direct transmission, using elastic coupling and center bracket to combine the motor and the mainframe Body ensures that the motor and the mainframe are permanently centered in transportation, installation and operation, and reduces the starting torque Achieve the lowest energy consumption and minimum maintenance workload.

◆ It ensures an accurate transmission ratio, and has high damping and vibration absorption characteristics. It has strong vibration suppression ability To effectively eliminate the vibration and impact generated by the host.

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