16bar Screw Air Compressor

16bar Screw Air Compressor


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Qingdao Huitong Xinda Air Compressor Co., LTD., located in the beautiful Jimo District of Qingdao, the company was founded in 2017. Our company's main business: screw air compressor, frequency conversion energy-saving air compressor, permanent magnet frequency screw air compressor, double-stage compression screw air compressor, low pressure screw air compressor, high pressure laser cutting air compressor, mobile screw air compressor, and other screw air compressor series products.

Laser cutting as a hot field, its cutting equipment demand is strong, and laser cutting supporting air compressor market competition is becoming more intense. Laser cutting has strict requirements for air compressors, and ordinary air compressors are difficult to meet their requirements. As an auxiliary gas power source for laser cutting, laser air compressor sets strict requirements for pressure, flow and air quality. With the continuous development of the industrial field and the progress of technology, the market demand for high-power air compressors to provide greater flow gas is also increasing. In order to meet this demand, the company released a new two-stage screw air compressor, using a new design, for users to bring efficiency, stability, noise reduction, important characteristics of the breakthrough.

This series of air compressors adopts a new design, so that it has excellent compression efficiency, providing greater gas flow under the same power, providing higher compression efficiency and more stable airflow output, to meet the needs of industrial production for high energy efficiency.

The new design provides a smoother airflow transmission, which can provide more stable operation performance of the machine and reduce vibration, thereby reducing the failure rate of the machine and improving the quality.

In order to provide a more comfortable working environment, the air compressor has been designed to reduce noise. This not only reduces the noise exposure of the staff, but also helps to improve the efficiency and quality of the work.

Two-stage screw air compressor adopts energy-saving two-stage compression technology to effectively reduce the compression ratio of each stage, reduce backflow leakage, improve volume efficiency, and reach the first level of energy efficiency, energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency grade GB-19153-2019, in line with the national new energy saving requirements. Air compressor maintenance parts Maintenance parts [host, motor, fan, cooler, three filters, screw oil, pressure sensor, temperature sensor, bar oil label.

Double-stage screw air compressor has the characteristics of high efficiency and high displacement, which is widely used in steel industry, machinery manufacturing industry, electric power industry, chemical fiber industry and so on.

This series will join the family of two-stage screw air compressors, high compression efficiency can reduce energy consumption, for this hot summer to do a part of energy saving and carbon reduction!